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What’s up DGC! Been growing now for about 2 years and I’m always trying something new. Dots and Recharge only this round and it was getting kinda boring so I decided to take my first cuts ever. Like Scotty I wanted this process to be simple so I dropped them in water only. After 2 weeks I getting results!! 100 percent to be exact so far so I’m pumped! But there’s always a catch…. Roots still aren’t ready for soil and the little ladies are needing fed. Not a fan of foliage spray so my question to u guys is can I start a nutrient solution in the popsicle moldings I’m using and if so what would be your choice of nutrition and ratio of that nutrient you guys would recommend. I’m an organic grower and only synthetic nutes I’ve ever used was fox farm and the Dots. Thanks fellas for the community you put together for us little guys (and gals) the dgc is fucking tits to be part of.