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Hey Guys

I just started watching your podcasts and I really love it.

I am located in northwestern Ontario Canada, long time smoker but a newbie grower.

Enjoying the new legalization I am licenced to grow my own medical Cannabis.  I have a 4 x 8 tent with 4 – 1200 watt led cob lights. My first round I had 4 plants in hydro and 4 in soil.

I fed all 8 plants floraGro series once a week I would change out the water in my hydro and feed the soil plants nutrients once a week. Then I would water the soil plants 2 more times throughout the week with just water.

This round I am growing all 8 in soil and not doing hydro.My question is, what kind of feeding schedule should I be using and should I be using nutrients every time I water?

I know there r different schools of thought but I would like to know yours.