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Anyone have a good strain suggestions on a stable strain that still has good vigor? I’m growing ‘jar seed’ which is what i’m calling any seeds i find in my meidcal bud from the dispo  as well as some Dave’s Sour Tangie from Maggie’s Farms(FB Group).  I know I’m asking for a lot requesting the following attributes but I’ve been searching for a week and I’m having trouble finding anything I’m confident I’m buying at my budget. Im hoping DGC experience can help me out.

Attribues Requested

Under $125
Feminized with low or no herms
Will do well in a 2x4x5
Terps(Limeonene is a favorite but love all the terps, just prefer the feel good ones)
Yield(growing for my lady and myself, we consume about an ounce a week, I know I know..)

Been looking at Exotic Genetix, Solfire, Irie, and Duke Diamond. With so many choices these days its hard to know what to choose.

My intention is to have a mother for daytime and nighttime so if you wanted to suggest two strains with those parameters i’d appreciate it!”

Jar Seed Do Si Do left, Chem de le Chem right who was very thirsty this morning (4×2)
Two Sour Tangie from Maggie’s and a jarseed Copper Chem seedling.(2×2)