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I have always had pretty good luck with female to male ratio.  I have found with regular seeds I usually  get more females than males.  I have done quite a few feminized seeds and have never had a single herm on me.  Around a month ago maybe a little more, I planted 6 supposedly feminized autos.  It was a mix bag from the place I ordered.  Thought I’d try a staggered harvest run.  In the last week and a half they have all showed their sex.   All 6 are f*cking males!  How is this even possible.  I planted 2 more of these seeds back in the summer outside at my cottage and they turned out to be males.  Though at the time I thought I must have mixed up the seeds.  So that is 8 out of 8 feminized auto seeds planted are male.  WTF wasted over a month.  I won’t mention the seed company at the moment..I have emailed them the problem and they have told me to call them to work it out, so I am sure they will replace them.  Even if they were regular seeds mixed by accident 8/8 males???

On a more positive note my new photo seeds are sprouting well.  I always went through the trouble of soaking them in a shot glass and paper towel until they cracked.  Then I was watching the show and Dude said I don’t know why people do that just plant them in the soil.  Since then I have only done that and I am probably at a 29/30 seeds sprouted by doing that!  Thanks Dude it is much easier now just to plant in the dirt!!