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Morning Guys!

Im currently running 6 plants in a 5×5 tent, two 380watt Mars LEDS, 4″ exhaust, 4″ intake on half hour timer, one circulating fan and 4 other fans spread throughout the grow. The lower canopy on the plants have been defoliated as well. Humidity wont drop to anything less that 52% during the day and have been getting as high at 67.8% at night. My exhaust fan runs constantly and I’ve had to remove the carbon filter (which is 5 months old) to get enough air being pulled out. There is also a Dehumidifier on the floor running as well

Is it that I’m watering all 6 plants at the same time making it way to humid?

Do i need to raise the dehumidifier from the floor up to around canopy level?

Add an AC?

I’m at a loss guys, any help would be awesome