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There has been some discussion recently regarding one light or multiple lights. This is my 3’x3’x6’ breeding tent as you can see I am using three lights. The center light is a Nextlite Core wall draw 190w @ 1.92 umol/j not quite equivalent to a 400w HPS and not efficient by 2021 standards. The two side lights are Viparspectra P600 with a wall draw of 95w each @ 2.7 umol/j together equivalent to a true 400w HID. Also the Vipraspectra lights add my IR that the Nextlite doesn’t have.

You can see the versatility as I can direct and adjust the side lights which are dimmable to the height of each plant for the best DLI. I do not have any shadow areas and can keep my ppfd even.

Right now in the tent(top pic) is an Arise from Irie Genetics on the left, on the right is an Acapulco Gold from Barney’s Farm and the two in the center are Skunk #1 from Dutch Passion they are in day two of week 5 of Flower. This is a breeding project for the Skunk plants which are selectively pollinated with pollen from a two beautiful Arise males. One branch of the Arise and Acapulco Gold are also pollinated. Since these are a breeding project I didn’t train them like I normally do, just topped at the fifth node.

Currently each plant is getting 1100 ppfd at their canopy with the side lights at 50% power. The addition of the side lights has upped my harvest and improved my bud quality and hardness. I have two adjustable ratchet hangers on each side light so that I can change the angle or make them flat. I plan to replace the Nextlite with a Vipraspectra XS 1500 this summer it has has IR and UV and pulls 150w @ 2.9 umol/j this will up my light output and quality along with an immediate money savings.

Originally I had planned on buying one true 400w draw LED but I like the flexibility three lights give me as I am often running a couple of different varietals at the same time. This arrangement can be upsized to a 4×4, 5×5, etc and is often less expensive than one larger light with the same wattage draw. Happy Growing 🙂