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I’ve been using these cheap knockoff car air filters for years on all of my fans and tent intakes. They are available in different sizes and 4″ and 6″ are very common. They fit on AC infinity fans very well, the picture is of the fresh air intake fan for my grow room. These filters also fit on flexible ducting but will require some actual duct tape to seal 100%. I put one on top of my 4×8 tent in the vent hole and cinch the ties around it and it works great! These are available on Amazon for about $20 which is much cheaper than those mushroom shaped filters.

These are designed to be run oiled while in a vehicle, which I do not do anymore as I don’t see a huge benefit. However, if you want to catch all the dust, just oil it with an odorless oil of your choice. Do not use an oil that solidifies at room temp like coconut!