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Hi guys! I got back into again after a 6 year hiatus…After many years of purchasing my meds (420) I was realizing how hard it is to get sometimes…as (I live in prohibition land… good old ohio, I don’t have my medical weed card) I have Fibro and I have had it for years.  I have tried all kinds of Pharma stuff thru those years to deal with but my body says no way…so Weed is the only thing that really helps. So Myself and my Wife both need this, as she has Health issues as well…so we decided to start things up again.. I got my clones by last min decision, the same plants I had been smoking on for years now..

I thought I was ready, so after many dollars spent at the grow store and many trips  (45min away). I was up and running.. I went with a 15 gallon reservoir drip tray return system. I am using rock wool slabs and cubes, with a R/O water system(city water),  I started out using GH 3 part, micro-grow-bloom, and some super thrive.( my guys formula) with a PH at 5.8-6.0 My first harvest was a hit, I learned a lot but I wanted a lot more info on it..  I wanted to make it better, so After browsing You Tube for answers….there is so much information and I found The DGC.. best find ever!! so After many episodes of binge watching, I also got my wife watching!!.. I was learning more than ever from you guys, I also have Added Cal-Mag to the list, wow it really made a difference.. Thanks Scotty!

So after talking with the wife we decided to grow some  of the Ladys in coco coir, I am still using GH 3 part on them as well, but I am wanting to try different nutes.  So I finally became a DGC member,  I am going to get some Recharge and try a new Science Experiment.. So do you guys have any recommendations with the coco coir and Recharge when I get some?  I also wanted to say Thanks to Scotty Real, Mr. Dude and the Guru for ALL the learning material… Me and my wife look forward to your shows! So Happy To Support such an Awesome Site and show.. Thanks Guys!