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So i have some outdoor living soil and within a week of the final transplant  i noticed some borrowing in my 25 gallon pots. Being stoned and not thinking about it i covered up the holes, scratched my head and left. Every two or three days after that it would happen again, but deeper and more holes. I figured it was a jack rabbit since we have them owning our neighborhood, but i was confused by they were not eating my plants and just making holes. Again, i was stoned and really confused…

After this happen the third time I got a trail cam set up and placed it along the tree that covers my hole yard. As soon as i positioned it i looked behind me and seen my dog with her face dug deep in the soil. As soon as i seen my dog i did the face smack emoji and it hit me….. shortly after my final transplant i threw some fish hydrolysate in the pots which my dog was trying to eat since it was a stinky fish smell. Long story short this is not a question but more of a heads up if you have dogs that like the taste and smell of fish guts to make sure they dont dig up your plants.