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Whats up Growmies and GDC! I got a question that’s somewhat open to interpretation so I’d like to hear everyone’s opinion on it. I have a multiple space perpetual grow that’s always full. So timing my plants cycles to make sure I have ones ready to flower when the other ones finish isn’t easy. Sometimes a plant takes longer to finish and I end up over-vegging my plants. My question is whats the ideal veg time and plant size? Bc I’ve found out bigger isn’t always better. Typically I like a 30-45 day veg time or when the plants around 2 1/2 feet tall and around 2-3 feet wide. I find this gives me the perfect base while allowing for the preflower jump. Any bigger usually gives me issues and doesn’t seem to yield much more if any. And over a period of time I’m making out better bc I’m able to get more harvests over a year for example. I’m interested in seeing what others think as well. Keep up the great work guys every morning I put on the show and listen while I tend my grow. Best part of my day. D