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Hello again DGC!!

comin at ya from prohibition land of the UK

first grow went well finishing my 4 girls up about 200g in total dried! not a failure at all and it gets me high as hell! i naturally made a bunch of mistakes on my first run which i will be sure not to repeat.

i will run you through new set up and put a picture at the bottom so please constructive criticism is always welcome.

attic grow:

2 & 1/2 square tent 4 &1/2 tall

genetics: royal queen seeds: gorilla glue crossed with GSC

light: invisible sun 320W LM301H’s 3500k powered by a meanwell driver.


1 heat & cool inkbird controller set at 80

heating = 2000w heater

cooling = air intake from outside vent, air extraction through a carbon filter & 1 large air mover.

1 inkbird humidity controller

humidification = 4.5 l humidifier

dehumidification = 1 small dehumidifier

fully synth feed atm sorry guys, full range canna nutes

growing in canna coco pro with 20% perlite

i was thinking about changing feed to some kind of super soil which i can top dress? can anyone recommend anything i can get in the UK? i only really heard of Gia green and i cant find that here.

cheers guys!!!!