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Hey DGC, got a question for everyone about finishing up my first organic grow.


I made my soil with nutrient pack from build a soil along with some Bu’s Malibu Compost and earthworm castings. I did my veg cycle in 3 gallon pots and flower cycle they were transplanted to 7 gals. I have only fed them water, recharge and a few compost teas. I did add some fresh soil as a top dress at day 30. Lights are HLG 550 RSpec and an HLG 600 so I am just over a 1000 watts. Covers about 5×8 area.

I am growing Arise, Lemon Jeffrey and Prana from Rasta Jeff and I also have a couple Acid Dough Plants from another breeder.

I’m on Day 56 start of week 9.  I had a few of the plants start yellowing out last week and now the Arise and Lemon j have started to yellow too. I’m in the last 14 days so this is kind of what I want anyways isn’t it? Buds are getting big and have lots of orange/reddish hairs that were white before.

I guess my question is are these plants doing this because they know they are at the end of their cycle or is it because they are running out of nutrients. The first plants to start to yellow were the Prana and Acid Dough which are quicker finishing strains at 60 days we’re the Arise and Lemon j are projected to go 70 days and they just started showing yellow leaves past couple days.

It’s Always a big debate about flushing and what it really does but with this being my first organic grow it seems they just know it’s time to finish and are fading on their own.

Appreciate any advice and good conversation.