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I grew my plants in a 4×4 tent with a good climate throughout the entire grow, and an in-line fan/filter to help with circulation. The only complaints I had about my plants were fluffy buds and overall smaller plants. But I had been chalking this up to insufficient or bad quality light from my 2 Amazon leds with a total of 1600 watts (actual 350 watts), in combination with my my HLG 60. ( 3 lights @ 410 actual watts)

I started my SEEDS (3 separate strains) in happy frog soil in solo cups, where they stayed for 3 weeks. When taken out there was no sign of bad root spiraling. They were then moved to 5 gal fabric pots with 70% happy frog and 30% perlite. These plants were only kept in veg for a total of 6 1/2 weeks, then flower for 9. The flowers are dank smelling and taste just as good and get me stupid high! But then to my surprise upon further inspection of the room mass, it was dismal! The majority of roots were I n the top 4 inches of soil, and overall were just not impressive roots at all!

I never really had any severe problems with my plants through the cycle. I was worried about over watering so I was always really drying out my soil, so I don’t think it was over watering. I was late to the Recharge party and didn’t start adding it till week 2-3 of flower. I obviously should have started the recharge from the beginning. But besides that, please DGC help me figure out what I can do do improve for next grow!!

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