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Howdy to all DGC!

Thanks to the countless hours of streaming the dude grows show, reading comments taking notes, and learning correct information has played a huge role in my grow! So thank you guys for everything you do! DGC member for life!

Now to the grow! My second time growing ever and tired auto flowers. Kushberry seeds I picked up at a cannabis conference in Boston, northern lights came from seedsmans.com. grown in 3 gal radicle bags, ocean forest soil, used recharge of course 🤙 along with mammoth p and a very small amount of ancient earth and a lot of water! Today makes 71 days into soil. Grown under an optic 2 and optic 1. I’m still learning along the way and mastering my craft. Cant wait to chop em down and throw them in the my herbs dryer!!

Stay high my friends! ✌