I just want to thank the DGC. I discovered you guys during the pandemic when I gave up alcohol for cannabis. I’ve gone through 3 attempts at growing Strawberry Cough. That being said, this last harvest was my best and easiest run so far. I should have listened to Scotty from the beginning. On the 3rd run I started using grobuckets with Cana Coco, the canna nutrient line and RE-CHARGE  every other week when top watering. The sip bucket method was perfect for me. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you guys do. The amount of knowledge you guys share with us is incredible. I literally love growing. This is going to be a life long hobby for me. Listening to your podcasts while working on the grow and working out has helped changed my life around. I’ve lost around 80 Lbs the past three years and I owe a lot of that to the growing process. It’s lead me to a much healthier lifestyle and appreciation for gardening and nature. I always look forward to your podcasts on YouTube and Spotify . Your CCR cover song is mad catchy. You guys remind me of the Stern show during the Artie Lange years. Thank you guys for sharing so much content. You guys have been game changers. Much love from Highland Park Los Angeles