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Hello, I just joined the DGC today and bought a pound of pure Recharge :). Hello to everyone in the DGC! I’m growing 4 White Runtz in a 3×3 with 2 Mars Hydro TSW2000s. After my own very unscientific study, I will be using Dr. Earth’s Bud and Bloom Booster in( won’t fertilize until week3 ((<—not sure)) FFSF soil with some Recharge and Great White weekly/bi-weekly (<—-also unsure). I also have some plant molasses and seaweed goo additives but unsure of the usage plan. I will be flipping to flower, going from 5 gal to either 7 gal or 10 gal pots in about a week, and was just wondering if these ingredients seem correct to make a decent grow. I’m flipping due to height restrictions.