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What’s up DGC!! I’m a new member after listening for a few months and falling in love with the show/podcast. I am about to start my first grow ever in 2 weeks and I am ecstatic! I’m going to be growing two northern lights autos in a 3×2 grow tent under a closet case 100w from SK. My medium is the mountain oly compost mix from Build a Soil with some recharge and a build a flower top dress for when I hit flower. My set up is not exactly as i’d like as I am deep in prohibition land here in TN, plus, I still live under my parents roof (I’m 18 as well…) Nonetheless me and my buddy got our parents support through explaining to them our genuine interest in the world of horticulture, specifically growing cannabis, and not just that we love to smoke it haha.. I’m lookin forward to the future and will let you all know how the first grow turns out. Thank you for all of the helpful information DGC!