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I have been listening to your show for about a year now.  I am a 48 year old retired veteran who is currently living in a state with a great medical program. Upon retiring after a 20 year career due to an autoimmune disorder I’ve had for most of my adult life I decided to give CBD a try.  I went in skeptical having not even touched cannabis of any sort since the age of 17.  After 6 months my disease had gone into remission which is something which had never happened after a lifetime of prescription medications.  I became a believer, got my license and three years later am thanking cannabis for giving me my health and life back.  Sounds great right! However something was missing from my life.  My 11 year old son who I have a great relationship with however we are geographically separated.  So, I have decided to move north to a state which isn’t so cannabis friendly.  When quarantine life hit I bought everything I needed to just dive into a grow in preparation for my new life without cannabis readily available at a dispensary.  I listened religiously to your show, taking advice, and meticulously caring for my new baby. Calling her Garlic Zia because it smells of garlic, lemon, and pine!  It is now on a day 5 of curing and I pulled just under an ounce of her.  I can’t wait to smoke that first bowl of homegrown.  Thank you so much DGC!  I am nervous about starting over.  But now I know I can grow my own medicine and with that I can do ANYTHING! Haha.. Thanks guys.  Oh yeah, Mota4u72 (Mota is spanish for weed!)