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What’s up guys watching your new vid, i gotta say I love you videos. Scotty and dude I love how you crack jokes you keep em comin lol. Guru your probably my fave, i’m a walking dictionary too………… I love learning new stuff and teaching it to other people too. Well I had 3 plants come down due to weather/electric issues a couple weeks early but it turned out surprisingly good! Running sohum/ff media, ff nuts, bc cal-mag, big ole bag of RECHARGE! Also Blackstrap molasses and Alaskan fish shit. Water once a week at pH 6.3 and feed once a week at 5.8ish i shout for .5-.7 lower on feed, its my own personal idea to lower the feed for nute absorption, running cheap amazon lights and 4×8 tent turned sideways! I planned on keeping them all short and bushy and the way I’ve done my tent is perfect for that also have a veg closet and a flower closet that are both 2×4 for when I need em right now im using the tent for 5 autos and veging 5 photos, i’m looking forward to growing and leaning all I can thank yall for all the knowledge already giving can’t wait for more! Thank you DUDECREW!!!!!!

list of my girls:

2 purple hulk autos msnl

2 gorilla glue autos msnl

1 carmelishious auto msnl

2 purple kush photos msnl

2 wedding pie in flower

1 mirage im flower

2 wedding pie veg

1 orange cookie veg

Cloner empty due to power outage and all the babies dried out and died.