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What is up DGC!

Well this is my first grow and I did it in a Vivosun 4×4 using an Optic 4 Gen 4, Fox Farms Soil, General Hydroponics MaxiBloom and Recharge on separate days. I also did use some Mad Farmer Silica when they were young as well as a few feedings with Black Strap Molasses.  The tallest out of the tent measures in at just over 39″ and they are all filled to the brim with Big Buds filled with Frost! I have 2 strains here…. Northern Lights x Northern Lights and Strawberry Lights which is a mix of Seedsmans Limited Edition Strawberry Cheesecake x Northern Lights. These Plants have been through a lot of LST and several Major defoliation’s. I must admit I learned a lot from this grow as well as the DGC!  Thanks and please let me know what y’all thank? Thanks!