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Hey Guys!

Love the show and the community, I really appreciate all the knowledge always being shared and have used a lot of it to get through my first grow ever. I started listening to the show right as I started setting up my first 2×4 Gorilla Grow tent, just before we approved Adult use here in Arizona. My fiancée and I were smoking almost $1500 a month in medical flower so we decided that it was the smartest investment of all to start growing our own, specially with adult use on the horizon and the ability to have 6 plants each (legally) when the time came.

I really wanted to share the backstory on these ladies because of all the shit they went through and the shear amazement that they even made it this far (they are 2 days from harvest in these pics)

First, the seeds came from a bag of L-91 that was passed to me for free from a commercial medical grow here in the state because it had been completely seeded out and they weren’t sure what exactly had pollinated them. While smoking the free flower I randomly stuck a few of the seeds into a pot on the window sill with some basic cheap (and I mean CHEAP) potting soil. A short time later they sprouted and we began thinking, with the end of prohibition on the horizon, it was time to start investing in our set up and these little seedlings would be our test dummies for the whole process before we put real plants in the environment…

With out going on and on and writing a novel, I’ll just list off the trauma these 2 have been through on their journey.

Fungus gnats in cheap soil, light too close, light too far, temp too high, under watering, over watering, one was even broken in half completely folded over, no humidity, low temps, transplanted from soil to coco, over fertilized, and the list just keeps going on an on. I mean we tested every threshold of the environment that we could to get it dialed in not thinking that they would even make it to flower. (I did get some RECHARGE in there to help balance everything out!)

As you can see they did make it and even very pleasantly surprised us, they love the 315cmh light that we are running and our Pulse Monitor really helped to make sure that everything stayed dialed in for the remainder of their life. We can’t wait to try the fruits of our hard work and also save some extra money thanks to everyone in the DGC for their support!!

Keep up the great work guys!!