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Hey DGC,

Love the content and the flow of the show, it’s a lot like hanging out with some old friends and learning to grow bud! I am a long time toker, first time grower in prohibition land and am running into some issues early on in my grow.  Luckily this grow is just using some seeds that were given to me by a friend, apparently all from Mr. Nice Guy strain (Have 18 seed variety pack from Kind Bud Farms ready to go once I hone my skills)

These plants are 3 weeks from seed pop. I am running a DWC system with rockwool using Hydraguard and general hydroponics grow, bloom and micro. I have ppm at right around 600 and pH 5.6-6.

My Temps have been a little all over the place as my tent is in my outdoor car port that is half open to the elements. But it is staying between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. As you can see in Pic, my plants are all over the place when it comes to size and color.   Also one plant has these strange peach colored spots on the leaves.

Besides Recharge, what am I missing here DGC? Thank you all in advance for any advice!