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The plants are all labeled with their respective strains.  These beans were all from MSNL, this was before I’d heard of SHN.  I have a few things I’d like to ask.

1. These were popped 2 weeks ago and are currently sitting in moss/coco/vermiculite mix, have had one feeding of FF’s basic veg nutes and one feeding of recharge (shout out to that boy Scotty). I’m going to be transferring into smart pots with coco/perlite and organic nutes.  Do these guys look healthy and on track?

2. When it comes time, I will likely have to cull two or three of these ladies, do you have a systematic method for selecting which to cull, or is it just the overall look?

3. My pH is 9.3 at the tap (yikes).  I plan on using down to adjust, but on a recent episode, Scotty said w/ Recharge in coco he doesn’t even mess with pH, but 9.3 seems a bit excessive, no?

I’m under a SF-1000 now, but will be upgrading for flower.  Any other advice is always welcome.  Thanks for all ya’ll do, it’s an inspirational channel and you’re distributing really important knowledge. This is the first grow I’ve embarked on and I’m looking for a few pieces of general advice.