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What’s up DGC I’ve got some kosher kush seedlings from DNA genetics we’re on day 9 and I’m wondering if these plants are looking healthy I’m using a mars TS 3000 at around 26 inches Above the seedlings at 25%  power leaves seem to Be a bit lime green in the new growth and some leaves are lighter than the other half is this normal or should i back the lights off and see what happens I’m using a seedling soil mix with added perlite gave about 2 feedings of liquid seaweed at 2.5ml per litre of water but they seem to Be taking it well I’m also using Volvic spring water pH at 7.0 while i wait for my RO filter. I also have some leaves curling upward on my last picture my temps have stayed steady around 75 degrees but shot up to 83 and had to turn AC on and bring back down because of my central heating it’s been a couple Days and the leaves haven’t went back to normal any ideas what’s up with them.