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A few years ago I found a strain called Nightmare Cookies. It was my absolute favorite, made me feel like a normal person if that makes sense. All of a sudden I couldn’t find it anymore and went back to buying whatever looked good to me. Years later, yearning for that same feeling, I google searched the strain and found that Seedsherenow sold a 15 pack of regular Sin City Seeds Nightmare Cookies. I placed the order and the genetics arrived a week or two later. After popping 8 seeds, two at a time I finally got a female. Leaf samples were sent to Farmer Freeman for sex testing. It was extremely depressing to get results back Mx2, Mx2, Mx2 then finally i got Mx1 Fx1. The Female was dropped into: 4×4 tent with 46″x 46″ Grassroots living soil raised bed. Mixed my own soil using my own worm castings, local compost, SPM, Pumice, BaS Biochar and BaS Craft Blend. Blumat Blusoak, HLG Scorpion Diablo 18/6 and a Pulse Pro monitor. Weekly top watering with a Chapin sprayer rotating between Recharge and Rootwise to increase the microbe diversity.

I’m planning on flipping to flower in the next week or two. About two weeks ago I cut some clones. Plan to keep one as a mother and use two of them to make feminized seeds using Colloidal Silver. The clones have started to root into the plugs so now I have some questions. I plan on keeping the new clone/ mother as a bedroom houseplant (low light/ low nutrients). For the clones I want to breed, am I able to keep them under the same low light/ low nutrient conditions until my current grow finishes flowing so I can move them into the tent? Should I give away the extra clones and just take new ones from the new mother once my flower cycle finishes? The clones should be identical copies of the donor plant, What happens if I breed two clones together? Will the seeds be identical to the original plant or will I have multiple different offspring showing traits that weren’t visible with the original plant?

Some background about myself. 35 years old, married, father of two. I have been using cannabis for 20 years. I took four years off so I could follow my grandfathers footsteps and served in the USMC. Two deployments later and cannabis has now became a medicine to help with my PTSD. All of my medicine so far has been purchased at dispensaries. I’m Sure I will have many more questions but i want to thank you for taking the time to read this and any information/advice you can give me.