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Thanks DGC for all the help with getting my first grow setup and running. With all the information from you guys and info I have collected and combo it’s looking like I will have a good first harvest!!! I have 3 girlscout cookies from some bag seed. Started 6 but 3 turned out to be males but trying to work a miracle with what I had left. I had started them in frog from a peat jiffy seed starter pods. When I transferred to a 3 gal from the 1 gal I mixed in some ocean forest and towards the end started top dressing with some strawberry fields I do almost the full foxfarm nutes list follow the chart but do the Oklahoma 2 step, 2 feedings then a watering with Recharge. Thanks again guys!!! I will strive to do better in the next grow. The last pic is the one from my veg. tent.