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Hey guys! I’m a brand new grower learning on the fly. Believe it or not, I’m in my late 40’s and have never smoked or otherwise ingested any cannabis in my life. I have a friend growing, and being exposed to his grow and hearing all the positives this plant can do for people (myself included, hopefully!), I became fascinated with it and can’t stop soaking up all the info I can get my hands on! I’m growing with the intent that the first cannabis I consume will come from my own garden, and I hope to be able to help my family and friends with my garden as well. I came across the audio version of the DGC podcast in my quest for info and have been binging on them since. I’ve already gotten a lot of great information from you guys and I appreciate it. I consider my DGC membership the least I could do to say thanks!

Everything I’m using so far:

Equilibrium Genetics seeds – Triangle Kush x M-10 crosses

RO Water

Fox Farms Happy Frog soil

Fox Farms nutrients

2×4 Gorilla Grow tent w/2 fans for circulation, and a carbon filter/exhaust fan & humidifier

HLG 100 v2 LED light

2 gal Air Pots (after sprouting in solo cups with holes for drainage)

On to my questions:

I started the seeds, got all 6 sprouted and grew them in solo cups till it was transplant time. You can see what the roots looked like when I did the transplant 3 days ago into 2 gallon Air Pots. I thought the roots looked pretty healthy, though I probably could have transplanted a bit sooner (they were 11 days in the solo cups since popping up out of the soil). They were fed only once in the solo cups, a half-strength feeding Fox Farms suggests on their soil feed chart for seedlings – rest of the watering was done with plain RO water. On transplant day, I gave them the full strength seedling feed, and no water since (3 days).

After the transplant (during which I forgot to add the Mycos I bought for the purpose), the plants looked a bit droopy at the leaves, and some light spots appeared on a few leaves, along with some slight curling on leaf edges as I circled in the picture. I have read that transplant stress can cause some droopiness, so I wasn’t concerned, but combined with the spots and curling, I thought I’d ask Could the fresh soil with its built-in nutrients combined with the feeding I gave them have been too much at once? Also, I’ve given no cal/mag at all in their life cycle, and now I’m learning that since RO water has all the minerals removed, it might be good to add a bit to my waterings to prevent deficiencies in those areas.

For my environment, the tent has stayed between 76 and 83 degrees F, and the humidity has been fluctuating a lot, but mostly between 65-80%. I had to use the humidifier when they were in the solo cups, but it seems the added soil and the moisture in it is enough to keep it in the 70’s without any help.

Let me know if you guys think I’m just staring too hard my plants because I’m a new grower, or if there are actual issues I can address. FYI, I have some cal-mag and recharge getting here in the next day or two, so those will be in the arsenal if you think they are needed.

Thanks for all the help you’ve already given, and any advice you might have for me!