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Hey DGC hope all is well, loving the information from the show I’ve binged every Grow Talk episode in a short period of time & can’t wait for more episodes, but I have two questions for you from my first grow so far!

I’m doing my first grow ever running Fastbuds Autoflowers because of my short basement, it has been going pretty great besides a few little problems with light stress.

I’m rocking..
Gorilla Grow Shorty tent 5′ X 5′ X 4’11 (stuck in a short unfinished basement).
AC INFINITY 6″ inline, Black Ops carbon filter 24″ & Exhale C02 bag with the Sun System LEC 630!
First question I’ve been using a coco, perlite & earth worm casting all organic mix, I’m only using organic Power Bloom & All Purpose from Gaia Green for neuts! I top dress with kelp meal & earthworm castings approximately once every two weeks.
I’m watering when pots are light with a PH of 6.5-6.8, I happened to get some RECHARGE here in Ontario Canada after digging thoroughly through Amazon & Ebay. I heard Scotty say on a previous episode when you’re watering into a similar medium as mine not to PH your water when you hit it with RECHARGE once a week, I’m assuming it has something to do with the microbes but I’m not sure, why?

I had a friend come over yesterday & he was blown away by the size of the stocks on my babies, he said he has never seen autoflowers with stocks that big, even on his friend’s 5 foot autos & I’m only thirty five days in!
Thanks for the help DGC it felt amazing for my first grow ever, considering he’s on his forth grow & I started out very skeptical!

Second question I wanted to know some differences between these two light spectrum’s. I have the Sun System LEC 630, he has the KING LED PLUS 1200 they seem to have similar light spectrum’s but his spectrum is more gradual with mine having spikes in the spectrum & seemingly to me I also have a more full spectrum what are the major differences in these spectrum.
I’ve suggested Spectrum King & Rapid LED to him as of yesterday, do you guys think he should put his light in the closest & buy a new one or just supplement it with something from Spectrum King or Rapid LED?
His tent is a 5′ X 5′ but with some quick research I found that KING LED 1200 is rated a max coverage of 3.4′ X 3.8′ meanwhile his manual tells him it can cover about fifty percent more square footage, plus I feel he’s not getting the canopy penetration he needs.

PS – After the first dose of RECHARGE on Monday they took off within twenty four hours, that shit works amazing I was astonished. I’m praying that I can find more RECHARGE in Ontario Canada!