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Hey DGC it’s Mikep420 and i gotta say my buddy’s first indoor grow is looking quite nice!! He doesn’t have a Environment controller, no A/C, no humidifier or dehumidifier and straight killing it!! He’s using a Chinese quantum board 100watt (Knock off spider farmer)and a old Chinese led light three years old!! Nutrients heavy16 bud A&B prime and beastie blooms(fox farm), roots organic bat guano. But seriously it’s the strain of New Glue that’s the easiest strain to grow it seems!! He acquired these New glue clone only genetics from an old school NorCal grower. He’s lucky it was his next door neighbor cause check these nug porn pics!! He’s using a knockoff 120watt quantum board with Samsung diodes Meanwell driver and a three year old blurple light that barely gets the job done!! Heavy16 bud A&B ,prime, roots organic bat guano and beastie blooms fox farm. No a/c, 1 fan, no humidity/temp controllers!! Is it pure luck or are these genetics that good?? You be the judge?? And we live in SoCal and the weathers been hot!