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Durban Poison, let it go ten weeks, should have let it go further, next time. RAW nutrients and microbes, plus aerated worm casting tea, LAB, and Fish Sh!t. Temps were in the nipply range of 17-21 C (low 60s to about 70 for the metrically challenged) start to finish, with a high-low swing of about 3 C (5 F), as I grow in a Canadian basement. Relative humidity was in the 30-50% range with a swing of about 5%. No idea on CO2, but being a basement, probably decent. Had some troubles with root rot in the beginning, but she recovered. About 65 grams harvest, plus trim.

Main things learned would be that LAB works wonders keeping the roots happy, that my next design needs more airflow through the bucket and beneath it. And of course, I’m never going back to DWC now.