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Hey what’s up DGC, i’ve been growing for a few yrs now and most the time in mid flower i put my girls out side just cuz they love the sun. Well i taught so. This year i mad a little mistake and my out door skywalker is doing some wiredo shit lol . Besides the point i figured ima try yo actually finish a indoor grow . In ten galls with fox farm ocean forest topped dressed with sea bird poo and bat poo and 484 from down to earth, i try to no till but i only mix like a half inch of soil with dry nutes. I water with bottled arrowhead water witch is starting to be a little expensive. I’m in the fifth week of flower and my leaves are starting to change color, should i bee concerned or should i just relax and let the Recharge do its jobs plz help. Thanks DGC love u all. No homo. Stay lifted.