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What up Dude and Scotty! What up DGC!

Been a loyal listener for about 4 months.  Decided to pull the trigger and join the DGC last week.


Looking to kinda introduce myself and show you all what I can bring to the table.   I’m Dirt Man Dan. You can view my YouTube channel here https://youtu.be/sCpl-88PmXk

I wouldn’t call myself an expert by any means. But I do know a few things about micro growing.  I’ve done about 4 grows in a PC case converted over with CFL’s. As of this summer I got a box made that fit under my PC desk.  It’s a step up from the PC  case. But it’s not big by any means.



So I want to know how you all think I did.

This is my first run with real genetics. Blueberry photos from Crop King Seeds.  And I’m running one of those cheap Amazon LED’s. Mars hydro.

I used a mix of fox farms happy frog and my own composted soil I been working on.

My meat and potatoes is General Hydroponics Maxi bloom powder, I also use liquid worm castings extract. And of course Recharge.

It’s day 49 of flower. I’ve been giving PH’ed tap water that has sat out for at least 48 hours.  For the last watering. And this one today.   The girls are turning and about to finish.  I just noticed all the purple in it today.  Very excited to try it once I cure

So to the experts here other than the obvious light burn by the bleached spots, how did I do?