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Hey all stars finally aligned and I was able to snag a grow tent from my caregiver (used once) but early in here I’m worried about a couple of the plants. Whether it be inconsistent pH watering, over watering, or to much light so here’s the run down:

Gorilla grow tent 4×4 shorty with the ext. So 5’11(?), Growers choice roi e680 (two 6″ fans above for cooling), Ac infinity charcoal and inline filter. Box fan blowing air in and currently running the humidifier. Just turned the light up to 60% (in hopes to get temps above 74) around 3 ft or less from canopy. Just got a blue lab ph tester watering at about 6.0-6.6 range from here on out and have watered in great white microryzza once sense plants have been in the dirt (sorry it’s not Recharge)

I’m running (5) 5 gal fabric pots filled with potters gold soil. I popped 2 Northern cheese haze autos from mephisto genetics that went in the soil 10/11/2020 one I’m worried about (looks runty). Following those 1 boss hog og auto from cali connection went in the soil 10/14 and its sister and a grape ivy went in the dirt next day. Looking for any guidance or advice thanks in advance DGC pictures were taken (10/24/2020)