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Hey hey so I’m about to try to build my first living soil of course my first ingredient was Recharge, after that I got down to earth blood Mill, down to earth alfalfa Mill, organic earthworm castings, powered oyster shell, crab meal, Epsom salt, Dr Earth bat guano, Dr Earth kelp meal, neem Bliss premium seed meal, glacier Rock dust, diatomaceous earth, Bigfoot granula endomycorrgizae, mycobloom endomycorrgizae mix, cannasseur 13 crop cover crop (50%clovers) and finally cal-mag… I will be setting everything up in a 12-ft by 10 ft greenhouse with a raised bed that extends 2 ft under the soil up to a foot above the soil I have probably 3/4 of the bed filled with a mix of peat moss, compost, cold manures, & a bunch of local decomposing leaves  and sticks on the bottom of it all… I also introduced 1000 mixed worms into the soil (night crawlers&red wigglers) I have the Big Foot organic lineup and was just goin to do a 10% nutrients tea maybe once a week and I was just curious if there was anything maybe I am missing or maybe that you would do differently. Y’all, and by y’all I mean guru, (just kidding I have learned much from you all) are really smart and I cannot get enough of that dank knowledge and not a day goes by that I do not listen to at least one DGS normally I listen to three or four dude grows everyday… So any help would much appreciated… grow long and prosper.