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First time growing, long time smoking. Popped Toadstool OG Regs I got from a bro, did 4 and all turned out fem. (Biker Kush x Tangie)

Just starting week 6 flower. Running all organic products. 5 Gal grow bags, Destiny Dark matter super soil, aerating tap water with a bubble snake a minimum 24 hours before use. Doing teas normally once a week, Gaia green products for top dress and tea, just staring to test with fox farm products like open sesame, beastie buds, cha Ching, kelp me kelp you and also have some destiny products like , ignition, amplify. Usually adding a bit of cal mag and molasses to my mix as well. I’ve been trying to go less than more as the soil I’m using is loaded with nutrients my mentor told me.

Learning lots on this roller coaster ride. Keeping a journal of every watering and feeding.. at the beginning of week 4 I got greedy and fed a little bit of Botanicare pure blend bloom, 1 tbsp to 3 gal of water and my fan leaves all started yellowing.

Anyhow, hopefully I will get through the next 2 – 3 weeks for finish. I am proud of what I’ve done and love watching your show guys. I am going to be getting on the Pheno hunt wagon shortly here. Keep educating and growing that fire.