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Hi Dudes, I’m a newer listener to the show and have probably watched the latest 30 episodes you guys have put out. Love the content. Furthermore I’m here to ask y’all what you think is going on with my white widow plant. My grow usually sits around 74-80 during the day and 68 at night, it’s what I can do. Sadly yesterday the plants got a lot hotter than usual and hit 85 degrees for most the day and I noticed some taco’d leaves. As taking a further look I had noticed that my white widow has begun to get a brown tone on the outer tips of the each leaf margin. Any advice on what’s causing this.

I am currently growing in a 4×4 w an Ac infinity intake and a vivosun outtake both 6 inch standard versions. I use the out of date 1,000 watt hid in my flower phase and used mh for my veg. Currently plants are around day 70 of total growth day 26 of flower. They are currently just being fed 3ml per gal Micro, 6ml per gal bloom, 2.5 ml cal-mag from General Hydroponics. They are also receiving terpinator and flora nectar. This is their first week of no silica. I watering a schedule of, nutes, water, nutes, nutes, water, nutes, schedule every 2-4 days w about a gal of water. 3 plants in plastic pots 2 in fabric all 5 gallon fox farms ocean forest soil. I am growing 2 white widow plants, 1 blueberry from Seedsman(bred by them), and 2 Gorilla Zkittles from Barney’s farm.

Thanks guys!