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What’s growing on DGC?

After two semi successful coco grows, I decided to dip my toe in the soil. Not full on organic yet, but the idea of eventually eliminating the bottles is very appealing to me.

These are 15 day old Sour Bubba’s from Katsu. They’re currently in 1 gals in ffof amended with 30% course perlite and 1cup of pulverized dolomite lime (read that newer formulations of ffof tend to go acidic as the soil ages and bottled nutes are introduced) per bag of soil. They’re under a 315 cmh in a 2×4 tent.
My tap water has a pH of 7.5 after sitting out for 24 hours and a tds of 185 ppm.
Have I made a mistake adding the lime, being that my water is somewhat hard? Should I consider getting another bag of ffof and skipping the amendments when it’s time to pot these up (plan to up pot to 5 gallon)?

Also, noticed that I may already have something going on…noticed these darker ink colored spots on the ends of newer leaves this morning. Is this the start of a deficiency or possibly some toxicity? All they have been given is plain tap water and Recharge, do I need to be adjusting my pH down, even though the soil is buffered? Or can I just let the soil take care of the buffering?

Any and all help would be much appreciated! Hope I haven’t stumbled and fell on my my face right out of the gate.