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Hello folks! Just making my first post for my grow! I have 4 plants about 20 days into veg.

And 11-12 seedlings that are all 2-4 days old

One seedling is from a Hermied plant from a dude I get bud from…”pitbull” is what I was told it was….the rest I started from random bagseed I collected…mostly from two different bags I got in the last year…

one was a batch of northern lights and one was blueberry cookies….only time will tell what I get 😉 bagseed fun!

I’m using CFL bulbs but will be getting LED upgrades VERY SOON! I’m growing in a 3′-3′-5′ tent and it’s my first time using one…so far I like it!!!

using fox farms ocean forest

just fed them their first bit of nuets

light feeding of fox farm grow big and big bloom.

As well as a little dash of cal mag

its 4am as I’m writing this and in less than 12 hours the mail man will be dropping off my first LED light! Happy to upgrade 😀 also going to be transplanting all the seedlings into a new super soil idea…and my 4 vegging plants will be going in 3 gal pots I think 😛 stay tuned for that lol

nothing to crazy in the photos…some LST work has been done to a few of the plants…one i am still working on and am happy about how it’s responding…first time trying LST.