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Hello y’all I’m David, Founder of MDI Gardens…

Hope y’all are having a great grow and staying positive in these trying times, to my farmers keep it growing and don’t quit CA CAW!!…Its all about the patients…

Question 1:

I am starting my first SOG and I was wondering if 1 gallon would get me at least a OZ per plant or is 2 Gallon the standard due to variation in strain growth. it depends on genetics for yield in the end I believe. My footprint is 7’x5’x5′ with (1)- 1000 watt viparspectra dual channel blurple LED, (1)Parfactworks1000watt full spectrum single channel LED ,(1)Fiete 1160 lumen 5000k LED bulb and (1)Sylvania 1050 lumen 2700k LED bulb. Growing media is A custom Supersoil mix. Walls Lined with Mylar…

Question 2:

I somehow ended up with a male opening a few pods next to my Ghost Train Haze, What’s the likely hood of cross pollination? Im Happy,P****D,Excited and Sad about this. Two killer Phenos or cultivars. M_D_I Gardens fist ever strain “Chocolate Haunted Train Ride”. I appreciate all y’all CA CAW!!!