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Hello DGC crew.

I’m starting a mix of auto & photo seeds. This is the first time I am starting cannabis seeds so don’t fully know what to expect. Anyway, I’m 4.5 days in and I have not seen any activity. I feel my issue may be heat but can’t be sure if 1) I’m overly eager or 2) it’s another issue.

Background: Michigan organic outdoor soil w/compost.

What I have are some auto varieties and photo varieties in different sized fabric pots and small cups. Auto (7 gal, cup) Photo (3 gal, cup).  I created this variety for experiment purposes. Initially I planned to start these seeds directly into their containers outdoor but this Michigan weather doesn’t cooperate so I have them in a small room within a barn. I have an entry level (sorry don’t know the specs) LED about 3 ft off the top of the pots on 24 hr. Initially my temps in this room hovered around 61 consistently with humidity from low 50’s to mid 60’s. The room is essentially a cellar. So the pots are on a pallet to keep them off the ground and I have air circulating around the room. As of now the temp has been at 66 consistently since yesterday afternoon.

So now I’m all in my head about what to do next. What I’m worried about is that I have 16 seeds 4.5 days in and no activity yet. When is the time to take action, and what is the action to take?

Thanks for everything!