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Hey Dude Scotty Guru and the DGC! So ive got 3 grows under my belt all with living soil and buildasoil amendments. I ordered the Remo supercharged pack and am excited to give it a try. I wanted a pharma grade nute and i know the dude really likes Remo.  I’m growing for my wife with fibromyalgia and my mother in law who is in remission from cancer. She knocks down a sheet of brownies every couple of weeks. I plan to grow all autos this time from fast buds and ethos. Ill be using 3 gallon fabric pots with straight fox farms coco loco, I make my own castings so I do plan to ammend WC at 15%  my question is do I use the nutes at the recommended strength or should I half them like most other nutes seem to need? Also, since im adding castings should I cut down on the amount of calmag that I’m using?  I plan to shoot for 5.8 to 6.5 PH. Any other tips would be great. Growing with a 4×4 gorilla tent, 2 hlg 260rspecs, inkbird controllers and of course, recharge. Thanks as always DGC.