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Hey DGC,

Been a member for several months and love all the content, knowledge, support as well as the community. Pretty bummed out this week after discovering a had a bad infestation of spider mites with only 4 weeks left in flower. They came on quick and came on strong. The real shame is that this grow was trending be my best grow to date for yield and the terps smelled great on these Lake Tahoe from Best Coast Genetics. (Yes, free seeds from this fine group)

So rather than trying to fight the infestation I simply threw out plants and cut my loses. This was my first run in a 70 gallon 3×3 no till bed in a 4×3 tent that I use for flower and I have a separate 3×3 veg tent. My plan has been to veg in the 3×3 with plastic pots for 2 months and transplant into the no till bed. This way I can have a perpetual grow

But here are my question. Where I just ripped out the plants from the no till and then vacuumed and then bleached the entire tent aside from the 70 gallon bed itself. If I just leave it empty without plants and continue spray the walls and floor down with bleach cleaner, do you think it will be safe to transplant into when the veg period is done in the other 3×3 tent as it does not appear to have been affected by the spider mites. Also, I have been practicing IPM with neem, peppermint and rosemary oil sprays ever week for the past few week. Or, do I have to ditch all the soil and the bed, scrub it all down and start from scratch?

My thought was to also reintroduce more predator mites into the no till in a week or so to assist in getting rid of any of the remaining spider mites and/or their larvae. Any guidance you can provide could greatly appreciated. Big thanks from the Great Dank North.

BTW Scotty, the Chad Kroeger killed me, $20 well spent sir

East Coast Chronic