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Recently, my better-half and I paid a visit to our neighborhood grow shop here in Chicago; we had never been to a grow shop before.  We wanted to see if we could get a better deal on Roots Organics Original Potting Soil, and just to check the place out.  We’re glad we did!  We were able to purchase, locally, the soil we wanted, fresher, and for half of what we paid on Amazon and picked up a bottle of Buddha Bloom.  They also had other Roots Organics products and the gentlemen there were very kind and helpful, even sending us home with a bottle of Roots Organics Cal-Mag; ‘gratis!  Now that’s really something imo.  We’re legal growers here, but were very discreet in the store at their request (the wretched stench of prohibition still remains here and there and sadly not everyone in Illinois is allowed to grow thanks to knuckleheaded politicians); nonetheless,  we were provided sterling customer service and advice.  I’m an old hand at specialty retail and I’m nothing short of delighted with Chicago Roots Hydroponics and Organics, 4020 W. Irving Park Rd., Chicago.  We’re looking forward to our next visit; thank you Chicago Roots!  🙂  MC

(photo from google)