For at least 12,000 years civilization has existed in river valleys. Wandering tribes wary from the old ways, wary from the endless trek, made their first permanent structures by the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers. The early Sumerians attributed the fertile soil and plentiful water to Ninhursag, the Mother of Men, and performed blood sacrifices to remain in good standing with the Mother God and the other lesser gods. An entire culture ruled by high priests and god kings, built and maintained by the assholes of fish.

Traditional aquaponics relies on a rotating crop of salad greens grown in long shallow pools separated from and fed by a large tank of living fish. The excretions from the gills and fish assholes interact with nitrifying bacteria to create a nitrogen rich solution. This solution is filtered by the plants roots, producing clean water for the continued health of the fish. However in traditional aquaponics the plants roots and fish assholes are separated by feet even yards which common sense tells me is far from ideal. In FAP (Fish Asshole Propagation) the fish assholes are within inches of the cannabis roots, which all my research suggests is very nice.

-Burner Herzog, CEO FAP Aquaponics LLC