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Wassup my boys,

773 here, let me DANK you guys for what you do for this community and putting some knowledge out for the killer future growers soon to be able hit the ground running. I don’t know how I could have started growing had I not found you guys.
So, Danks Boys

For a little back ground: I run a perpetual grow with 2 tents. I have a 3x2x6 Veg tent that I’ve dedicated to young plants as well as teens soon to be flipped and put into the AC infinity 2x4x6 flower tent. I have 4 small plants vegging for a Pheno hunt that are all regular seeds, 2 teens that will be flipped soon, as well as 2 Autos that have began to flower. (All in the veg tent, 8 plants total) (Can You say, PACKED?) lol

So, I plan to flip my bigger teens in the AC infinity tent to make some room for the 4 plant pheno hunt since that is more important than what I already know is in flower in the 4×2 AC infinity tent.

Now here’s the question: What will happen to my Autos if I decide to flip the whole veg tent to flower, in order to check for males early on in the grow in the pheno hunt. THEN, flip them back to veg to continue the veg cycle after finding the gender for the pheno hunt to bush them out for flower? I know that the photos will adjust overtime, but Will that affect the autos if I flip them all 12/12 then flip them back to 18/6?

pics 1&2 are of the teens and the 4 phenos.

pic 3 is of the auto flowers beginning to flower.

pic 4 is the entire tent.

preciate the helps guys, see u in the comments.