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Hi Scotty & Dude,

I’ve been watching the TDG Show for several months now and enjoy the lively banter in which the two of you engage.  I have a growing question that I hope you can provide a definitive answer. The question is about the TIME to flip lights to a 12/12 cycle on photo period plants.  While in veg, I have always run my lights on a 18/6 cycle from 6:00am to 12 midnight. When switching to flower, I change to a 12/12 cycle that runs from 9:00am to 9:00pm thus taking 3 hours off each on the start, and the end of the vegetative cycle. My thinking is that this may be less stressful than say vegging the plants from 12 noon to 12 midnight.  In this case the lights on or “sunrise” time is delayed a full 6 hours but the “sunset” time remains the same. Or conversely, the start time stays at 6:00am but the lights off or “sunset” time changes to 6:00pm  thus shortening the cycle 6 hours on the tail end.

Guru,  I know you want to chime in so what are your thoughts on this?

PS: Love the show and all the info you guys provide.