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Dude, I’ve heard you mention the line of nutrients I’m using, the Flora Nova two part veg/bloom. You said they’re fine but you’d wouldn’t go with them alone. I assume you’d add some other things to it? What other nutrients or micro-nutrients would you recommend to balance it out? I have small brown spots pretty consistently leading up to harvest. none in veg. The buds are fine as wine but the leaves look riddled. I didn’t take any good photos this time. Sorry. I have a few fungus gnats but  are no bugs anywhere on the leaves. I’ve scoped it a thousand times. Believe me, I know spider mite damage. (shudder) from 1 to 250,000 in two weeks and I had them all. Nuke em from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure. Lol. Anyway, any help would be appreciated.

Scotty, stay safe man, peace.