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Im looking more information on effect strong terpene odor on vegging plants? The dudes have mention this before, possibly causing hormonal issues in vegging plants. Anyone have experience or more information on this? I’m working on setting up a perpetual grow. I just picked up a 2×4 to veg for my 4×4 flower tent, rapid led core85 bars on the way!! I was think about setting up my ventilation so that the outtake of my flower tent goes to the intake of my veg tent, and then vented out the window. Is this a bad idea?

My thinking is that my flower tent generates humidity and heat that would be at a good vpd range for my vegging plants. Air goes in about 65-75 F, 50-55 RH and comes out 80-85 F, 60-70 RH. Also it will give my really smelly plants a chance to go through another carbon filter before it goes out the window. Will this cause hormonal damage to my vegging plants? If so what will be the effect be? Should I not do this?