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What’s good DGC crew?
My tent is what we on OverGrow use to call a microgrow. Its a 28″L x 18″W x 36″H tent. So super small ceiling for growing. Im running 3 plants on an HLG Quantum Board 288 V2 3000k with Rspec for flowering. I also have 3 plants under an HLG 65 4000k for veg in another space for as close to a perpetual harvest as possible. So here is the million dollar question. At what size would it be best to start flowering to fill out the canopy efficiently, but no so tall that my light has to actually touch the ceiling? These 288 QB’s are super thin around 4″ thick with the heatsink fins and the driver mounted on top. I can also drop them right on top my flowers without burning. I usually put them 10-12″‘s from the top of the plants without any problems. I don’t like auto flowers because I can’t control them as well as a photo period in such a small space. I like Indica flowers and tend to lean towards Indica dom. plants, or hybrids. Any info from the community will def. be appreciated. Growers Luv