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whats’s up?

I’m in the middle of my 3rd grow, just before switching my regular seeds to flower. (I also have 2 autos, but we’ll get to that)

I have some nute questions:

First, I’m using a local synthetic 2 parts. On my previous grow, I had a giant plant (probably sativa dominant – but strain is unknown). A few weeks into flower I was frustrated but how many hairs and leafs it grew – while no buds were forming at all. After which I’ve concluded that I should probably not stick to the feeding chart given by the manufacturer, as it was too rich in nitrogen, and I only get new growth and hair without any flower. I did so – decreasing the grow nute dramatically, and feeding pk more. (Boy, that plant would eat – I almost didn’t need any watering without feeding, it handled it well.)

after a while buds were forming. However they were pretty darn airy and had foxtails all over. I thought this might be due to genetics or heat stress (as my grow room pretty much sits in the sun).

and for the question: Should i drop the nitrogen completely when flowering start, or should I stick to the non-cannabis-specific feeding chart?

The technicals:

the NPK for the base nute is 4.2.6 and for the bloom (pk) 0.11.7.

the feeding chart at the beginning of flower gives 3 ml/liter of the base, and starts with the pk slowly in week 3 (0.2 ml/l on the first week). The base concentration is lowered slightly (down to 2.2 ml/l) when PK is introduced, and then climbs back up to 3 ml/l till flush. The PK climbs from 0.2 ml/l to 2 ml/l before flush.

What do my ladies want? What do they need?

The seconds question concern my autos. When should I start treating them as in flowering stage? One of them was planted almost a month ago and started showing white hair – should I start feeding it like I would in week 1 of flower?

thanks for everything,

you guys are awesome,

The Hand of the King

P.S following up on my question regarding elongated seedlings – I’ve transplanted them as deep as I could and currently it seems ok (attached pic). I’m waiting for after the harvest. To take out the plants and see the growth pattern of the roots – will update on that.